About Mankwe Kalahari Lodge

Mankwe Kalahari Lodge

We honour the men and woman who, knowing the risks, have walked the Kalahari in search of Mankwe lions. Renowned for their size and ferocity, they offer one of the world’s most exciting and memorable hunts.

Mankwe Kalahari Lodge is our home and yours while you are with us. It is where you wake to the first sounds of the wild in the chill of the early dawn.
We stand with you, sharing that first cup of coffee and talking quietly, while in the distance the horizon warms at the place where the sun will first touch.
We speak of the night just passed and feel again the mystery and danger we felt when woken by the distant roaring of lions on the hunt.
After breakfast your host and professional hunters will review the plans and your day and your hunt will begin

No safari to Africa will work without a plan. A plan that understands and develops the expectations and dreams of the hunter. A plan that pools Mankwe’s wealth of local knowledge with staff dedicated to making every hunter ‘
a hunter in spirit and a hunter among hunters’

Stretching his legs towards the Mankwe fire on the day of a hard hunt, a hunting friend once remarked:
‘the only men I envy are those who have not yet been to the Kalahari and, those men who are on their way here for their first hunt’

The Mankwe Team

Fransua en Cindy-lee head the team on the ground at Mankwe, Fransua is Mankwe’s Professional hunter and divides his time between hunting and ensuring the region remains sustainable for the wildlife that depend on its resources.

Cindy-Lee first passion and love are her guests and she works at keeping the luxurious Mankwe ranch maintained at that level that ‘delights my guests’, she says with a smile.

Mankwe’s engine room, the staff that work tirelessly to maintain your comfort and delight in it’s world class service offer.

Our trackers and skinners, seen in the back row, will be introduced to you on arrival. On your hunting days they will be a vital part of your hunt.

Their knowledge of the ecosystem is prodigious and the day to day flow of information is what makes Mankwe a leading safari destination.

Of course reception, the pool area, diningrooms, lounges, bedrooms and laundry are the heartbeat of any upmarket lodge and these ladies and their bright smiles will be one of the happy memories you take with you.

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